Our Generation


Our Generation started in response to the Howard Government's controversial 'Emergency Intervention' into Aboriginal communities in Australia's remote Northern Territory.

No Aboriginal people living in these communities have had any say in these decisions being made about their lives, their lands and their future. And mainstream media has ignored their voices, and their plight.

Our Generation looks at Australia's ongoing policies of paternalism and assimilation, explains the real issues underlying Indigenous disadvantage in this 'lucky' country, and upholds the right of First Australians to dignity, culture and empowerment in their own country.

Featuring the voices of youth, men, women and elders from remote communities in the Northern Territory, Aboriginal leaders and personalities from across the country, as well as academics, lawyers and international activists, Our Generation opens the way for dialogue on how Australia can move forward with genuine respect and partnership with its First Peoples.

Into a future where solutions come from working together, rather than being dictated from Parliament thousands of kilometres away.

A movement is building across the country to stand up for what is right for the oldest living culture on Earth.

This film is at the heart of that movement.

Our solutions are sometimes Indigenous people's problems.

— Sinem Saban

The truth in this film is like a red hot poker driven into the conscience of a nation. Aboriginal voices, unheard or ignored, make it plain that they are 'of their land' and that they will not trade off their lawful rights. This film is a plea for reason. Are we listening? Will we act?

— Jeff McMullen, former ABC Foreign Correspondent

Topics covered include racism, stereotypes, intervention, law, overcrowding, homelands, Stolen Generations, land, United Nations, Racial Discrimination Act and treaty.


Release dates
May 2010 - Australia
Video/DVD release date
October 2010 - Australia
Best Campaign Film - 2011 London International Documentary Festival
PG - Parental guidance
John Butler

Jeff McMullen (journalist, filmmaker, commentator, humanitarian, and best-selling author) and Cathy Henkel (writer, producer and director of documentaries since 1988) have advised the makers of Our Generation.

The film aroused large audiences at overseas screenings but it could not get an airing on Australia’s national network.

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