Our Law


The Western Australian Police Force publicly admit they have a troubled past when it comes to policing Aboriginal communities.

Reform, reconciliation, equality, and anti-racism are at the heart of Australia's first Aboriginal-run police station, Warakurna Police Station, in Western Australia. This important initiative is the inspiration for Our Law.

At Warakurna Police Station, a town of around 200 inhabitants, 330 kilometres west of Uluru, two officers learn language and culture to help them police one of the most remote beats in the world.

Sergeant Wendy Kelly, a Noongar woman with over 20 years in the service, is trying to learn the local Ngaanyatjarra language, encouraging her colleague to do likewise. Senior Sergeant Revis Ryder, a Noongar man and one-time East Fremantle player, can only coach the local footy team by relying on local Elders and community to translate his instructions.

Cornel Ozies’s inspiring documentary reveals their dogged attempts to understand language and the local lore, so they can police effectively, and replace the historical black and white enforcement approach of the past.

The documentary asks whether Aboriginal officers are key to dismantling the culture of prejudice in the police from within.

Through this film Cornell Ozies examines how knowledge of culture and language is important for the policemen’s work and questions whether this is the way forward.



Release dates
22 June 2020 – World premiere at the Sydney Film Festival (online) via NITV
G - general

English and Ngaanyatjarra with English subtitles.

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