Quigley Down Under


Matthew Quigley, an American frontiersmen and sharpshooter, is lured to the Australian outback by an offer from a powerful sheep rancher to use his shooting skills to kill troublesome dingoes in the outback.

Travelling from Montana with only a saddle and his prized six-foot long Sharps rifle, Quigley finds out when he arrives that in reality the rancher wants to use his skills to help wipe out the native Aboriginal population as part of the country's 'pacification by force'.

A man of moral integrity, Quigley strongly declines this murderous duty and throws his new boss through the window, starting a war between them.

Suddenly he finds himself stranded in the desert with a crazed woman who believes he is her dead husband, but ends up riding by his side and into his heart.

This rollicking, revisionist Western captures the spirit and romance of an era where cowboys would ride hard, shoot sharp and dip their hats to the sun.



Tom Selleck - Matthew Quigley
Laura San Giacomo - Crazy Cora
Alan Rickman - Elliott Marston (landowner)
Chris Haywood - Major Ashley-Pitt
Ron Haddrick - Grimmelman
Tony Bonner - Dobkin
Jerome Ehlers - Coogan
Conor McDermottroe - Hobb
Roger Ward - Brophy
Ben Mendelsohn - O'Flynn
Steve Dodd - Kunkurra
Karen Davitt - Slattern
Kylie Foster - Slattern
William Zappa - Reilly
Jonathan Sweet - Sergeant Thomas
Ollie Hall - Carver
Release dates
17 October 1990 - Australia
Video/DVD release date
6 March 2013
M - Mature
Basil Poledouris

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