September is set in the Australian wheat belt in 1968 where two young boys who share a passion for boxing are firm friends. Sixteen-year-old Ed is the son of a white wheat farmer whilst Paddy is the son of an Aboriginal farm hand who works on the property.

The two boys have been friends for as long as they can remember. Their friendship is to be tested, firstly when Amelia comes to their town but even more so when new laws state that Indigenous workers must be paid the same wage as whites and Ed's father can't afford to do so.

In September Peter Carstairs has created a deeply humane and moving portrait of friendship, family and identity.

I never wanted to make an overtly political movie... I was interested in the idea of how political decisions, largely beyond our characters' control, affect their relationships and in particular, the relationship between two best friends.

— Peter Carstairs, director

A beautifully photographed film, intent on using the changing light across the landscape to match the changing political climate.

— The Age newspaper
September still image.
September: Xavier Samuel as Ed and Clarence John Ryan as Paddy.


Clarence John Ryan - Paddy Parker (Aboriginal boy)
Xavier Samuel - Ed Anderson (White boy)
Kelton Pell - Michael Parker, Paddy's father
Lisa Flanagan - Leena Parker, Paddy's mother
Kieran Darcy-Smith - Rick Anderson, Ed's father
Alice McConnell - Eve Anderson, Ed's mother
Mia Wasikowsa - Amelia Hamilton
Tara Morice - Jennifer Hamilton, Amelia's mother
Paul Gleeson - John Hamilton, Amelia's father
Sibylla Budd - Miss Gregory
Release dates
29 November 2007
Video/DVD release date
19 March 2008
M - Mature
21st Century Pictures
Roger Mason

September is the first film to come out of the Tropfest feature program.

September is also the debut from writer/director Peter Carstairs.

The film was shot in Yass, NSW, and its surrounding areas Boorowa and Harden.

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