Six Australians


Documentary profiles of six contemporary Aboriginal people who may be seen as forming a bridge between traditional Aboriginal culture and European culture in Australia.

Six Australians reveals a great deal about the issues affecting all Aboriginal people in Australia at the time in their affiliation with the land, their languages, their feeling about other Aboriginal people and Europeans, and their aspirations for their children.

It was the first time that contemporary Aboriginal people had been given an opportunity to tell their own stories on Australian national television. The underlying aim of the series was to provide positive role models for young Aboriginal people.

The series spotlights 6 outstanding but largely unknown Aboriginal men and women, telling the story of their lives and the work they are doing. They represent a wide range of careers - broadcaster, ballet dancer, heritage ranger, footballer, school teacher and office worker:

Part 1 Cliff Coulthard
Part 2 Maurice Rioli
Part 3 Freda Glynn
Part 4 Trevor Adamson
Part 5 Sylvia Blanco
Part 6 Neenya Charles


Cliff Coulthard
Maurice Rioli
Freda Glynn
Trevor Adamson
Sylvia Blanco
Neenya Charles
Release dates
1985 - Australia
Inaugural Australian Human Rights Commission Media Award, 1984
G - general

The six people chosen to participate in the series were selected after more than a year of consultations with Aboriginal organisations across Australia.

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