Sweet As


1989, Port Hedland, remote Pilbara country, Western Australia. 15 year old Aboriginal girl Murra finds herself abandoned by her hippie mother after a drug fuelled party gets out of hand.

Sent to live with her kind but strict Grandparents, Murra lashes out and eventually finds herself in serious trouble with the law, including her Uncle Ian, the local cop.

With things going from bad to worse, an unusual lifeline is thrown her way in the form of a travelling Photo Safari with National Geographic. Before Murra knows it, she is careening down a dusty highway with a bus full of ‘at risk’ teens and two peculiar International team leaders.

Will this be the lifeline Murra needs or a catalyst to her demise?

An uplifting coming-of-age road movie about unconventional friendships, first crushes and finding who you are on the path less travelled.

The film is inspired by Clerc’s own experience growing up in the Pilbara and The Kimberley; she did a photo safari with National Geographic when she was growing up.


Murra Ngungala (Aboriginal girl)
Elvis Murphy (Aboriginal boy)
Kylie Bacon (girl)
Sean Belling (boy)

Shot on location in the Pilbara.

Sweet As is Jub Clerc's debut feature film.

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