The Skin of Others


The Skin of Others is a compelling portrait of an extraordinary figure, Aboriginal WWI soldier Douglas Grant.

Grant (c.1885-1951) was extraordinarily famous in his day, an intellectual, a journalist, a soldier, a reader of Shakespeare and a bagpipe player who could put on a fine Scottish accent. His life story connects Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Adolf Hitler, and Henry Lawson among other famous figures as he moved from Australia to Europe, UK and back.

Lewis’s thoughtful and often playful reflections on Grant’s life, along with guest appearances from Max Cullen and Archie Roach, connect to the larger story of Australia’s tragic colonial history and its troubled relationship with First Australians.

This is also the story of Australia, its violent past and its future potential. It recounts a tragic national history of Australian colonial relations with First Nations people, explores the ways we tell the story of our nation, and ultimately dreams of a more reconciled and inclusive Australian future.



Balang Tom E. Lewis - Douglas Grant
Max Cullen - Henry Lawson
Archie Roach - himself
Release dates
22 June 2020 - World premiere at the Sydney Film Festival (online)
Video/DVD release date
22 February 2022
PG - Parental guidance

English and Dyirbal with English subtitles.

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