Through Our Eyes


Through our Eyes features Aboriginal Elders and knowledge-holders from the Ngemba, Kamilaroi and Euahlayi language groups describing the land management practices and social, spiritual and cultural knowledge that enabled their people to care for the country for tens of thousands of years.

Aboriginal people walked very lightly across the country and the way they used natural resources, such as water, plants and animals, on a daily basis ensured the long-term sustainability of the environment.

Aboriginal people have a deep connection to the land. Their language group is a major cornerstone of their identity. They belong to the land and believe that everything comes from the land and goes back to the land.

When European people moved into north-west NSW from the 1860s they not only disregarded but disrupted the practices of Aboriginal people. They restricted their access and government policy later forcibly moved Aboriginal people from their traditional lands, which severely affected their ability to practice their culture.

Through our Eyes documents Aboriginal land management practices and cultural knowledge in 19 short documentaries including creation stories of sites, uses of native plants, principles for ensuring healthy water sources and animal populations, using constellations to find food and recollections of the river from the past to the current day.

    Through Our Eyes - inside DVD cover
    Through our Eyes is a beautifully made, free DVD.

    The DVD contains 19 short films, each of which is approximately 4 minutes long:

    1. Through our Eyes: The Project
    2. Billabongs
    3. Yambacoona Mountain
    4. Gilgais and caring for water
    5. Dhinawan (emu) in the sky
    6. Native foods at Narran Lake
    7. Between the river and the red country - Brewarrina and Byrock
    8. Using fire to care for country
    9. Life on the river
    10. The relationship between the Kamilaroi and Ngemba people
    11. Life on the river
    12. Native plants near Collarenebri
    13. Sustaining animal populations
    14. Native plants near Lightning Ridge
    15. The people of the Narran Lakes (Dharriwaa)
    16. The Narran Lakes (Dharriwaa) system
    17. How the Little Thigabillas (echidnas) and Mt Oxley were created
    18. Quinine and quandongs
    19. Kids in the Catchment


    Release dates
    2010 - Australia
    Video/DVD release date
    G - general
    Western Catchment Management Authority (CMA) of NSW

    For a free copy contact the CMA on 1800 032 101 or on

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