Aboriginal rock musicians

ArtistNumber of albumsGenre(s)
4Real 1 Rock
Adam James 8 Blues, Country, Rock
Apakatjah 3 Folk, Reggae, Rock, Roots
Black Image Band 3 Blues, Country, Reggae, Rock
Black Rock Band 2 Rock
Blackstorm 4 Blues, Rock
Blekbala Mujik 7 Pop, Reggae, Rock, Traditional, World
Brian Peacock 1 Blues, Country, Pop, Rock
Broken English 3 Rock
Christine Anu 14 Pop, Rock
Coloured Stone 19 Country, Reggae, Rock
Desert Stars 3 Rock
East Journey 5 Reggae, Rock
Fitzroy Xpress 4 Country, Rock
Green Hand Band 1 Blues, Reggae, Rock, Roots
Harold Dalywaters 3 Country, Gospel, Rock
Iwantja 1 Blues, Country, Reggae, Rock
James Henry 2 Country, Folk, Rock
Jarrah 2 Folk, Soul, Rock
Jayden Lillyst 0 Blues, Country, Hip Hop & Rap, Soul, Rock
Joe Geia 4 Soul, Reggae, Rhythm & Blues, Rock, World
Kineman Karma 2 Ska, Reggae, Rock
King Stingray 2 Rock
Kutcha Edwards 3 Reggae, Rock
Lazy Late Boys 1 Reggae, Rock
Lonely Boys 2 Rock
Nabarlek 4 Reggae, Rock
No Fixed Address 4 Reggae, Rock
Oka 12 Electronic, Folk, Jazz, Soul, Reggae, Rock
Peter Brandy 2 Country, Folk, Gospel, Rock
Pirra 2 Pop, Rock, Roots
Robert Wharton 2 Country, Reggae, Rock
Salt Lake Band (Enungkwerrimanja) 0 Reggae, Rhythm & Blues, Rock
Saltwater Band 3 Pop, Reggae, Rock
Sharon "Shaz" Lane 2 Country, Rock
Soundtracks of Aboriginal movies 24 Blues, Country, Electronic, Folk, Pop, Reggae, Rock
Sunrize Band 3 Blues, Rock
The Black Turtles 0 Blues, Rock
The Medics 3 Rock
The MERRg 3 Country, Reggae, Rock
Tia Gostelow 8 Rock
Vic Simms 8 Country, Jazz, Rock
Walkabout Boys 0 Country, Reggae, Rock
Warumpi Band 10 Country, Rock
Yabu Band 4 Reggae, Rock
Yothu Yindi 26 Rock
Yugul 1 Blues, Rock, Roots

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