Thalu: Dreamtime is Now


Journey into the modern Dreamtime stories of the western Pilbara-based Ngarluma people.

Thalu: Dreamtime is Now is an interactive virtual reality (VR) experience that brings the mythology and cultural heritage of Tyson Mowarin’s people to life with the latest cutting-edge technologies.

As a spirit guide takes you to a vibrant underworld and introduces you to the traditional custodians of a land now threatened by the encroaching modern world – mining in particular – you will visit individual Thalu for flora, fauna and the elements before continuing on to the world of Mingkala, the Creator.

Thalu, which means “totem” in the Ngarluma language, refers to ancient Aboriginal ceremonial and sacred sites. These sites are currently under threat as the modern world expands and encroaches upon ancient sacred spaces.

Thalu: Dreamtime is Now is the first ever Aboriginal ‘Real Time Virtual Reality’ experience made in Australia. A guide will take you on a tour of the spirit world where you’ll encounter lush, surrealist visuals and unique interactive elements. Expect to encounter talking clouds, spiritual boomerangs and the blazing hot Australian landscape.



Patrick Churnside - Jirri Jirri (voice)
Aiden Hughes - Family Spirits (voice)
Trevor Jamieson - Mingkala / Narrator (voice)
Tyson Mowarin - Mingkala (background voices)
Release dates
16 Aug 2018 - World premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival

In English and Ngarluma.

The rock art (petroglyphs) featured in Thalu are based on the rock art of the Burrup Peninsula, some of which date back 40,000 years.

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