The Fight Together


The Fight Together documents how a group of NRL greats comes together to invent a new pre-game ceremony in response to the Maori Haka, that could celebrate Aboriginal cultures and help to counter racism in rugby league. Their goal is to use the dance to change the hearts and minds of all Australians.

NRL star Dean Widders’ sets out to make that happen. His efforts culminated in the addition of a new Aboriginal war cry to the start of the 2019 NRL Indigenous All Stars – the first step in Widders’ aim to see the Australian Kangaroos perform the dance before their test matches.

Featuring fellow NRL greats, Timana Tahu, Preston Campbell and George Rose, Widders encourages his fellow sportsmen to embrace the dance and make it their own. The men lobby footy fans, sports people, politicians and prominent Australians, including Stan Grant, Adam Goodes and Russell Crowe, to get on board with a new type of acknowledgement that could bring the country together.

This feature documentary follows Widders exploring story and culture on country across Australia, but also combines the cinematic surprise of seeing the dance, usually the purview of footballers, being performed by the pre-eminent Bangarra Dance Theatre.

Ultimately, the film provides an intimate insight into a passionate man’s pursuit of a long-held goal.


Dean Widders
Timana Tahu
Preston Campbell
George Rose
Stan Grant
Adam Goodes
Russell Crowe
Madman Entertainment

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