The First Inventors


The First Inventors explores the development of sophisticated art, stone tools, irrigation and agriculture in Australia between 70,000 and 120,000 years ago.

Tens of thousands of years before Mesopotamia and the ancient Greeks, Australia's First Peoples developed sophisticated navigation techniques, long distance communication systems, complex social structures, laws, and a unique means of recording history.

Rob Collins takes you on a journey through continental time and Country to reveal how the world’s oldest living culture has survived for at least 65,000 years using ingenuity, science, technology and complex knowledge systems.

Together with First Nations' experts, and scientists, Rob rediscovers ancient innovations, makes archaeological discoveries, and brings scientific inventions of Australia's First Nations peoples to the foreground – in a bid to understand just how they really were the very First Inventors.



Rob Collins - narrator
Release dates
15 June 2023 - NITV and Network 10
G - general

Hosted by actor Rob Collins, who was born and raised in Darwin and is of Tiwi Islands descent.

Co-commissioned with National Indigenous Television (NITV).

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